Taking  the year off!
February 2018
Due to family situations and the need for the soil to replenish the necessary nutrients required to be productive, we have decided to not grow any produce this year.   We are hoping that by allowing the soil to lay fallow, we can return in 2019 with an abundance of fruit and vegetables for sale.  Due to several issues with predators over the winter and a large number of our chicken getting old and dying, our flock is the lowest that it has ever been.  We are planning on purchasing new birds in the late spring, but they will not start laying eggs for six months.
We hope to see everyone again in 2019.  Have a wonderful year.
Latest projects

​Stuart Say Februart 2015

This year, we decided to build a hoophouse to help extend our growing season.  Our new hoophouse is 24' wide and 72' long.  It is constructed out of metal pipes and will be covered with plastic

This hoophouse will allow for more growing time. We are hoping that our season will be longer and we will be able to produce more. Imagine eating fresh, local, chemical free cherry tomatoes in October or November. Crisp, baby lettuce in February. That what we are hoping for.  

Our goal is to have the hoophouse completed by late February 2015 and to start planting in it in early March 2015.

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