(Hybrid CSA)


Note:  We will not have our subscription service available in 2018.  We are planning on starting it up again in 2019.


Our subscription service is a hybrid CSA(Community Supported Agriculture).  A traditional CSA usually requires customers to pay $400-$700 up front before the season starts.  The customer then receives a basket each week with produce that has been harvested.  The downside of a CSA is that you may receive fruits and vegetable that you do not like or not enough of them.  Our subscription service solves all these issues.

With our service, we ask that you send us a check for at least $50.00.  This $50.00 will act as a credit to your account.  Each week, we will send you an email with a list of the produce that we have available along with the price.  You can then choose what you would like to order and the quantity by simple responding to the email.  The cost of your order will automatically be deducted from your account.  Each time you order, you will get a receipt with the list of items that you bought and the remaining amount your account.

You will now be able to pick up your order at Hendersonville Produce, which is located at 760 E.  Main St. Hendersonville, TN.  This location will allow for customers to also pick up local items that we do not have available.


Our delivery will be on Wednesdays from 4:00pm-5:30pm in the parking lot in front of Hendersonville Produce. If it is raining you will be able to pick up your order inside. 


You can also pick up your order at our farm if you desire.

If you have money remaining in your account at the end of the year, you can chose to have it returned to you or roll it to the next year.


We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables.  Everything that we sell is pick fresh and is in season here in Tennessee.  Listed below are some of the produce that we grow:




Heirloom tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes


Squash and Zucchini








Swiss Chard


Green Beans


We have several ways that we attempt to get our fresh, chemical free produce to our customers.  We have a subscription service (read below for more information), we will be selling our produce at the Gallatin Farmer's Market (located next to the police station in Gallatin) on Saturdays during the season, and we sell our produce to Hendersonville Produce.


Our Chickens


On top of growing fruits and vegetables, we also raise chickens.

Our chickens are free range chickens and have their diet supplemented with a non-gmo feed.  Our birds spend the day roaming around the field eating bugs and seeds.  At night they have a coop that they can stay in, but most of them prefer to roost in the nearby trees.

Currently we have 40+ chickens that are laying and 20 more that should start in the summer

All of our birds are raised for their eggs only.

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